Thursday, October 22, 2015

Supermarket Laughter

I have a sense of humour that sometimes defies logic. I find fun in every day living and there are humorous events happening every where, even in the supermarket.

Why women who go shopping in leggings that are ten sizes too small with those lycra tops in florescent colours like lime, yellow and orange and also are way to small to hold those enormous bosoms that appear to have seen better days.

These women can be seen leaning on the handle of the trolley as if they need to be held up waddling the aisle ways avoiding at every opportunity any thing healthy.

From behind it looks like two elephants fighting in a sack and when they actually stand up correctly the layers of fat appearing from the undersized clothing reminds me of a Sara Lee cake with layer upon layer.

Inside the trolley can be found packets of potato crisps, frozen pizzas, a pig head resting on top of six two litre bottles of a variety of sodas and then the pierce de la resistance is a slab of diet coke zero.

The woman is over heard talking to a friend saying that she has a medical problem that causes her weight issues. Me thinks that the top hole is bigger that the bottom hole.

Although I do find these people funny, there are people out there that are genuinely putting in a concerted effort to lose weight (me included) and those are the ones I urge to continue their efforts.

Author Steve Boddey

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