Thursday, October 22, 2015

Are You An Offended Racist

Two phrases that people use that really get up my goat are “I’m offended and you’re a racist.”

Neither phrase makes any sense. I’m offended, so what, be offended, nothing is going to happen. You’re not going to lose any body parts.

“Oh Steve Boddey poked fun at the Lord and I was offended and in the morning my arms fell off.” No they didn’t, nothing happened and nothing is going to happen unless you let it!

You are just an attention seeking twat that has got nothing better to do. I’m offended oh please. To be offended you must take on the offense of what is said or done. Did what was said or done deliberately meant to offend? How do you know? You can’t just assume that it was deliberate but if you do technically you are offending yourself because you’re the one making a big deal about it! Move on, ignore it!

You’re a racist, no I’m not, a racist is someone who believes their race is superior to another. To call someone names is disrespectful not racist. Of course the attention seekers once more raise the wrath of stupidity by insisting this and that is racist.

A real racist is the KKK and they openly admit they are superior. Al Qaeda and ISIS are religious racists they think Islam is the only religion to have and are hell bent on making sure that it is.

So the next time something offends you take a deep breath walk away and mumble something about stupidity

Author Steve Boddey

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