Thursday, October 22, 2015

Religion of Man Not God

I grew up as a Roman Catholic and at some stage our old man decided we would become Morons, I mean Mormons, before switching back to the Catholic faith. The old man was a fanatically religious person who would always try to enforce his thoughts and beliefs on to anyone who would listen. He would often quote scriptures that would completely back up whatever he did or said, therefore justifying any actions he would undertake whether they are right or wrong.

It appears the tradition continues.

I think religion and religious groups are vastly over rated.
The poor or disadvantaged people in almost every religious group always pay the biggest price yet they are the most generous and sincere. They are also the most manipulated and easiest to abuse when it comes to any religion. Their present situation blamed on the sins of the past or what others deem to be their lack of faith.

To suggest that anyone must suffer to prove their love or faith in a being that can not be seen is questionable. It is even more outrageous to think that this so called loving and caring being would even consider that sort of behaviour acceptable.

Love thy neighbour, etc can be countered by various other phrases from any scriptures, from any religious group. 

Every religious group has its own demons. I have yet to find one that doesn't.

It is the people who claim to be God fearing that will go about passing judgements on other people’s actions or throwing a hissy fit over things that in the bigger scheme of things do not matter. It is all about scoring brownie points, but to be honest I think that God, (if there is one) just can't be bothered anymore.

We all should be accepting the differences of others. We do not have to agree, just be accepting that others have different views and are entitled to them.

We don't have to beat/chastise /behead/crucify/stone/burn at the stake/impale anyone.

(Note that religious people always find the most heinous ways of dealing with those that do not agree with what they think!) 
So much for forgiveness! Who are the deviants really?

I don't think I have lost faith in God; I have lost faith in mankind and its religion.

Author Steve Boddey
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