Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bullying Anxiety Depression and Health

In three jobs that I have had of late I have had to face bullying and harassment.

Co-workers making false accusations, my performance being questioned, invalid and baseless criticism and constant interference while trying to perform duties or denying access to tools require to do your job.

In Australia a work injury was the cause of bullying by my employer as they struggled to come to terms with their responsibility to look after me. Everything I did was wrong. My work was questioned and my professionalism and character was attacked.

In New Zealand my job at a supermarket chain needed to be changed but instead of coming to me and talking about it my character was attacked once more and my professionalism questioned. At a later date the warnings I had been issued with were withdrawn and remuneration owed was paid yet the stigma remained.

In another job the same thing occurred again. I had made complaints that were ignored I tried to assist other employees who were being harassed and bullied by senior staff and although management acknowledged the complaints they did nothing.

Then the complaints about my behaviour and attitude started with accusations coming thick and fast. Statements from co-workers claiming this and that was said and of course senior management endorsing those claims.

My health suffered and at the request of my wife and the suggestion of my doctor I resigned.

No-one knows the embarrassment and humiliation that this brings unless you have been there.

My character and professionalism is in question, my trust of those who are suppose to look after you has been extinguished and the laws that are in place to protect you, are just words on a bit of paper with no meaning other than governments being able to say, they are in place.

When I think about returning to work I become an emotional wreck. I fear being thrown into a workplace where either I don’t want to be or a place for further abuse.

I am scared that because of all of this I have placed the woman I adore in a situation not of her making; not that she believes that for one minute, it is however how I feel.

If I could do what we are doing at the moment, I would be a happy man. I spend all day with my wife and Coco the dog, I cook, I clean and I write, I could not be happier.

Is that too much to ask?

Author Steve Boddey 
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