Saturday, October 3, 2015

Anxiety Time

One of the things people with anxiety can relate to is the difficulty in saying NO when asked to do something and the guilt one feels when you do have the courage to say no.

Of course what doesn’t help is that those that asked will usually start complaining and using verbal bullying tactics to attack your vulnerable state of mind. Think about it have you ever heard people say things like, if you don’t do it you may be out of a job or you have always done it before why not now.

Some government departments are the main offenders to this type of bullying by threatening to stop payments or assistance if you don’t comply with their requests.

During my time in Australia I had a work injury that made it difficult to find suitable work, however I was told by the powers that be if I didn’t take this job or that job I would lose benefits. Fortunately I had excellent support from my doctor, psychologist and lawyer. Not everyone had that support.

Child support also is another department that shows no mercy when you have to deal with them. They have their rules and that is it. They treat people like scum. I have had nothing but trouble with the Australian end. The New Zealand side has been very understanding.

I was once asked to pay $1000 dollars in back payments within 14 days. I proved that I had continual contact and continually asked where I was up to and it was in fact their fault but there was no budging. I was however given extra time to pay.

All these things do not help people who suffer anxiety and I feel that the past experiences are not lost today.

Author Steve Boddey

Gripe time over.
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