Thursday, October 1, 2015

Racism and Discrimination

Racism/racist/discrimination are words thrown around with gay abandon by people who have a nothing better to do with their time. The R and D words are used to degrade another human being without having to justify the use of it. The words are used to deflect attention from the real problem. 

In the majority of cases an accusation of racism comes when two cultures have different viewpoints on some issue that reflects badly on one of those cultures. 

Racism also raises its head when people from one country move to another and try to introduce their morals, values and religion resisting integration into the country which they chose to live in.

The western world faces a barrage of accusations of racism everyday and it is interesting to note that white Caucasian people are the only humans that can be accused of racism.

Western societies are way too soft on immigrants and allow the minority to control the majority with all this political correctness rubbish. It is no surprise the world is in the state it is now. 

In France there are no go areas for Christians and essential services due to the Muslims population who occupy the area won’t allow anyone not of their own religion in the area.

Why has this happened? How did it happen?
These people are now so entrenched in the area they will never be able to be removed. When the burqa was ban there was uproar from the Muslim community the French were accused of racism.

In Britain, the prison budget per prisoner for food is higher than that for its service personnel. This is the kind of discrimination I find the most difficult to understand.  How can a prisoner be worth more that a serviceman? 

Author Steve Boddey
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