Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Anxiety Blues

The rumours of my demise are grossly been exaggerated, I have however been suffering the Anxiety Blues. This is where everything that has an affect on your life is blown out of proportion.

The latest thing has been adjusting our budget so we can survive on what we have and fortunately we have scraped through the first couple of weeks and are adapting well so there we have a positive out of a negative.

Our council rates went up thanks to the Auckland Mayors incompetence. He wants a transport system that I will never use and it is our area in which we live that misses out on important infrastructure.

There have been several other events that have happened due to the ineptness of certain government departments who for a complete lack of common sense have demanded that I pay $37 in back payment for Child Support for the month of April. Upon inquiring as to how this event has happened I am told I am some $300 in credit.

I really do not need some Donkey demanding money when it is already there.

Author Steve Boddey

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