Sunday, October 4, 2015

Anxiety and Me

I was first diagnosed back in 1999 with depression and anxiety after my first marriage came to an end. I thought the end of the world was nigh and life itself was over.

Had I known what I know now my life would have continued on a different path however sometimes you have to take the hits to learn a lesson?

My wife and I have discussed my last work situation were I ended up resigning due to health issues. I should have left some six months earlier but didn’t due to being afraid.

There was the fear of every kind from money issues to personal issues to relationship issues to ridiculous issues; all of them unfounded.

We would have survived no matter what.

Our dream has been to be home together writing and maybe making a few dollars here and there. Well that dream is now reality albeit not exactly as we would have liked but it has happened never the less.

My point is, when things happen to anxious people we are always looking at it from the negative side. In this case we take the positive stand. I don’t have to work in an environment that clash with my beliefs. I don’t have to be bullied nor tolerate unreasonable work conditions.

I am doing what I wanted to do, write from home along side my wife.

That is taking a positive from a negative.

Author Steve boddey
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