Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Great Flag Debate NZ

I have quite often gone on along with John Key the New Zealand leader of a government that leads the world in how to run a country; until now.

This national government can put a hold on education, poverty and health laws issues but then it can quite easily find time to let a flag issue through.

The New Zealand government has put through an emergency law for what will allow a fifth flag on a referendum with other flags that had already decided on a 25 million dollar taxpayer’s bill.

John Key is pushing for a flag change and for reasons only he can know.

I am not a Kiwi but I do live here and for me the flag we have is truly representative of New Zealand.

There is no need for change of a flag but there is a need for a government to start looking after its own homeless, its uneducated and the poor rather than looking for pats on the back for BULLSHITTING the community. 

Fuck the Flag! 
Lets look after our people.

Author Steve Boddey
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