Thursday, September 24, 2015

Judging Religion

Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ but what about the rest of the non Christians? Why do they celebrate it?

Could you imagine the Muslim community inviting Christians to Morocco to celebrate Ramadan?

Actually I can imagine it! Mass murder on both sides!

It’s a shame really that it takes a special occasion for us humans to be nice to each other. It is a sad reflection on all who claim to be believers in an imaginary being, that we can not look after each other all the time

A least religious people can be used as living proof one doesn’t need drugs to hallucinate. There also is a slight question over talking to someone who is not there or worse, talking to a wall. 
I wonder what those in intuitions, lock up for voices in their head, have to say about those who congregate in large numbers to talk to someone who is not there and are not locked up?

There is a lot to dislike about religious orders, cults and sects that judge there fellow human beings.

I thought your imaginary friend was the one to do that!

Author Steve Boddey
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