Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Zealand Youth Unemployed

In the area that we live in there is 28.9% of youth unemployment although the government would prefer to say the total unemployed in our area is 8.4%.

This doesn’t surprise my wife and I due to our trips to work and income where we see the people waiting for courses, appointments or standing in line to make inquiries or drop off information.

Personal income of $20,000 NZD or less has been reported in our area at 44% of the population.

Multi family households are on the increase especially among the ethnic population.

I find it interesting that I am not far away from retirement and at the present time on sickness benefit yet work and income are more than willing to spend money on me to re-enter the work force sooner rather than later.

I find this a bit unsettling as it appears that those that need the help most, that being the youth in the area, are being neglected. Is it easier to get the senior people into work than the young kids?

We are talking about the next generation of New Zealanders to lead this country forward are going to be the young unemployed we have today.

That is not a comforting thought.

Author Steve Boddey

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