Thursday, May 24, 2012

Whitesnake keeps it UP!

It doesn't seem that long ago since I posted, maybe it is because I am writing other stuff in other places that I feel the need to write here is become less important. This blog is my old friend and we have travel many places together so to stop using it would be like cutting off your pink bits!

Life is good and it appears to be looking brighter. I have been dabbling in trying to become a more intellectual writer (NOW there's a big word) by trying to write articles of interest. I have written about abused women also about being bullied in the workplace and on a lighter note about soulmates. It has been KB that has been encouraging me to expand my writing and she has been busy continuing with Weekend Walkabout and her very intersting Book Teaser but most intriguing is her Book Review.
Our Simply Delish has slowed down a bit but is still on going.

One thing I have done is taken a pen name for my writings else where and I stole mine from an old friend. The name "Serious Black".

KB and I are doing really well and our future plans are slowly taking shape. We have set ourselves several goals to achieve in the next stage of our lives and as big Kev would say "I'm Excited"

I hope all is well with every one of you. I do try to pop by as see what your all up to when I can.
Take care and enjoy life because Whitesnake is keeping it up and KB ain't complaining!

Whitesnakes do it better ......... When ya up date not up the date!

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