Friday, January 6, 2012

Come fly with me

Come fly with me was what his daughter would always tell her father when was feeling sad.

"What would you like sweetie?" He asked choking slightly.
"Four Kisses."She told him.
"Four kisses daddy. That's all I want."
He didn't understand what she was saying.

The old man in the corner watched and sighed.

"Four kisses daddy." her words lost as she once again fell into unconsciousness.
Her father cried at the side of her bed.
He held her hand and tried to talk but words failed him.
His daughter dying and he had no clue as to what her four kisses were.

The old man sipped his coffee and continued watching.
He just shook his head every once in a while.
No one even noticed his presence.

The father wept.
Nurses tried to console him.
His daughter was dying and nothing could be done.
Her one wish was for four kisses and he didn't know what they were.
"Pumpkin, What are the four kisses?" He asked her as she lay there motionless.
Monitors beeping away without a care.
Doctors shaking their heads and patting his back.

Her father sobbed uncontrollably.
"Four Kisses and I can't even do that for her." he muttered between sobs.
A tear rolled down the old mans cheek as he got up and walked over to the door.
The father looked up as the old man started to exit the room.
Before he could say a word the old man spoke.
"Four kisses. One for her mother, one for her brother, one for herself and the biggest one for you."
As the father reached out for the love that flowed from his daughter as she took her last breathe.
The old man disappeared and a wave of sadness engulfed the room.
"Four kisses daddy, that's all I want"
Her father started tearfully singing.
"Come fly with me come fly, let's fly away."
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