Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Story Time Finale

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King of Dreams
Harry N Down

It seems weird waking up to an afternoon that will soon be evening. It also seems strange to be getting ready to go out for dinner upon waking.
Crystal makes an entrance wrapped in my dressing gown, her hair not as messy as she often claims it would be once she wakes up.
I make her a coffee without asking.
She smiles and thanks me.
“What is the time?” She asks.
“5:30.” I state sheepishly.
“What time we heading out?” She looks at me while sipping her coffee.
"About 6:30 or 7:00. We’ll see how it turns out.
“Cool. I’ll have a shower and get dressed. Do you want me to take the car or shall I leave it here?”
“Leave it here if we are drinking aye!”
Crystal heads off for a shower and I soon find myself in the same bathroom having another shave.
She doesn’t seem bothered that I am there and I hadn’t really noticed. Could that be seen as an insult?
“Oh I miss having my back scrubbed Steve.”
I stare in the mirror as I finish wiping the last of the remaining shaving cream from my face.
“You want me to wash it for ya?” the words tumble and stumble their way out of my mouth.
“Would you babe? I would love that!”
I quickly strip off and enter the shower.
Taking hold of the scrubber, I pour body wash on and ask her to turn around. Vigorously, yet gently cleaning her back.
Up and down, side to side and then circle motions, soap lathers quickly.
The touch of bodies with soap lathering dripping slowly down her body then add the soothing massage from  the hot water it all makes for pleasant thoughts and feelings.
There are times when things rise to the occasion and the notion of Margaret Thatcher naked was not working.
Crystal turned around as I continued to scrub away this time her breasts and neck and shoulders.
I kissed her.
Her hand reached down and fondled me.
I suckled each breast like a child seeking comfort. 
The sound of Kev’s voice did what the image of Maggie naked could not do.
We both laughed.
I quickly rinse off and got out.
Wrapping a towel round me, I dried off a bit and then headed out to find Kev.
“Ah there you are. Where is Crystal?”
“Taking a shower.”
“Oh, but you. Err hmm Oh I get it. You and she were showering together and I err interrupted kind of?”
I nod but say nothing.
“Well how was I to know ya never was left out a note. Hurry up and get ready I am starving. I need me dinner.”
I head to the bedroom where Crystal is already getting dressed.
I open up the wardrobe. So many clothes and nothing to wear.
“Kev’s hungry.” I tell her as I start putting on my jeans.
“He always is.” Crystal moves to the mirror and starts brushing her hair.
“Did I tell you that you look ravishingly beautiful?” I remark pulling my tee shirt over my head.
“No but thank you.”
“Good. Well you do and I mean it.”
“I know.”
Crystal wriggles that beautiful butt of hers. “Right, I’ll meet you in the kitchen. Oh and hurry up will you, I am starving.” She laughs as she heads out the room.
It is hard to judge what has just gone on.
Slept and showered with a woman and haven’t even asked permission or if it was all right.
Still if it wasn’t, surely she would have said something. Yeah she would have said something I convince myself.
We decide to walk along the beach, taking the pathway that leads almost directly to the pub. It takes a bit longer but the fresh sea air and the sound of waves crashing into the beach always wets the appetite.
“Kev? Could you go ahead and order drinks?”
“Sure mate.” He winks at Crystal.
Crystal stands and looks at me. “Well what is it?”
“I was wondering.”
“I was thinking?”
“All that happened today.”
“Does that mean we are you know.”
“No I don’t know! What are you on about Steven?”
“Are we a couple now? I want to know because I didn’t even ask you out or permission or anything!”
“Yes” She grabs my faces pulls me close and kisses me.
“Yes we are a couple and I love you, I always have. Sometimes Steve words are not necessary. Now lets go I am thirsty and hungry.”
It’s been over two years since we really got together and the love laughter and fun times continue.
I have always been a dreamer, a believer in being positive. Looking at the bright side of the road.
Crystal says that makes me The King of Dreams.

Whitesnakes do it better .................Always

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