Saturday, November 5, 2011

KB's good! Just ask Me!

Simply Delish
The above picture was taken by KB who actually made that meal for the first time.
Click here to get the recipe

The first thing I said when I went to KB and Whitesnakes Home was that the photo was awesome.
This of course led us to discussing various aspects of our lives and how negative people are without thinking.
KB made this dish and it was fantastic but the first thing that was brought up was that the fish and asparagus was over cooked.
To be perfectly honest I didn't notice.
Once the subject was brought up ok yeah it was over cooked slightly.

Hang on a minute, it was the first time it has been cooked and it tasted fine so why the negative remarks?
Once the recipe and picture were done we took a different view. It was bloody great!
Sure next time changes will be made but it was good and from now on we intend to take positives from the things we do.
This incident also gave us the opportunity to look back at where we started and where we are now and just how much we have achieved and how our lives have been nurtured and grown.
Way too often we are very quick to look at the down side of an adventure rather than look at it for what it is and what it has taught us.

Both KB and I suffer anxiety attacks from time to time although, when we are together they hardly occur at all or are minimised by the fact we share the load.
This negative attitude we took towards a superb dish is the result of our past lives and things we previously tolerated being let back in.
This is a lesson learnt.
Although life is good we must always be on our guard so as not to let the demons back into our lives.
We must remember we worked hard to peel away the layers of past torments now is the time to keep moving forward.
The recipe was good, it tasted good, the photos were good and the cook was absolutely fantastic!

Whitesnakes do it better ....................  When ya good and can acknowledge it!

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