Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sunday Story Time Part 37

The story starts HERE

King of Dreams
Harry N Down

Terminal 7Delta Airline flight 5739E75 what a mouth full.
The next stage of our journey is Minnesota and Minneapolis our destination.
Another two-hour plus flight and a cab ride to the Hilton Hotel at St Pauls International airport.
22:30hours and finally we are in our room and settled. A quick trip to the bar and then back to our room to crash.
Due to not spending all our allocated time in both Japan and India, we decide to spend a couple of days here in Minneapolis and just chill and recharged the batteries.
I slept like a baby.
The bed was warm and cosy, like being with a woman.
When my tired body did awaken from its slumber, I didn’t want to get up. I just wanted to lay there and enjoy the warmth, the softness and the tranquillity of the whole experience.
I wished Crystal were here to enjoy this. 
“I’m hungry.” The voice of my mate and companion on this journey brought me back to reality.
“Come on get up Steve. Get showered and ready for the best brekkie in town.”
Begrudgingly I left the comfort of my bed and headed for the bathroom.
“CC Club on Lynsdale Ave does a mean breakfast mate and I mean it is GOOD!”
He enters from the bathroom butt naked and smelling so sweet as only, he can.
“Get a move on Steve. Time is a wasting.”
All I can do is grunt. 
Showered shaved and smelling like a metro we head off to the CC Club.
Jumping into a taxi it doesn’t seem to take long before we are getting out and heading into what looks like a heritage building sitting on the corner of two streets.
“Steak, eggs, bacon and toast with a pot of tea for me coffee for my mate here.”
It didn’t take long to order from the vast menu.
“Bloody cheap too aye mate.” Kev is beaming and drooling at the thought of a hearty breakfast.
I keep forgetting old Kev has travelled all over the world and knows the best places to eat and drink.
To coin an American phrase!  “Oh My GOD!”
The meal was bloody well enormous and good grief was it tasty and so enjoyable. Obviously, I couldn’t finish mine so Kev obliged and finished what I left, the man has no shame and no end to the bottomless pit called his stomach.

To be continued ............. HERE

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