Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Child Support Australia

This article will contain offensive yet truthful facts.

Child Support Agency Australia (CSA) has and always will be a government department based on the highly successful Nazi SS unit.
They send out beautiful pamphlets telling alsorts on nonsensical nonsense, claim to be there for all parties and when crunch time cometh they flee behind jargon that has been rehearsed since time began.

The claim is that this CSA department wants to make things fairer for all involved yet what they really want is too appear to be fairer nothing more.
Each leaflet I have received has never, I repeated never offered any advice that would assist me in anyway shape or form. This leaflet is blatant propaganda of the worst kind reminding me of the fact that honesty and integrity counts for nothing.

You will pay, we don't care if you are struggling, we are right and you are wrong. Oh and we are going to put a black mark against you name just to make it clear that you are a problem case.
NO we don't make mistakes and even when we do we don't.

I would like to state right from the start I pay my child support and have no problem with them continually reviewing my income and adjusting the payment amount. What I do object too is continually being sent letters saying that I am behind in my payments.
The first time was by a $1000 dollars the next was $400 the third was $600 and this time it's $240.

So why or how does this happen?
It's simple really CSA ask the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department (IRD) for my income information which the IRD tell me takes a 2 day turn around. The CSA then work their magic and come up with a figure they deem to be correct. They then back date it 2 months and send out the paperwork asking you to call them to arrange payment of outstanding balance that you now have incurred.

I make the call and speak to some obnoxious young boy  who left the family brain cell at home. I try to explain the problem but I am frustrated by the lack of basic knowledge he has.
All I want to do is find a way to prevent or minimise the constant arrears problem.
The young boys attitude and lack of any interpersonal skills starts to niggle away at me and my frustration starts coming through.
The twat now has his defining moment:- You have to pay and you can't do a thing about it!
I retort:- I am not saying I don't want to pay I am saying I want to put a stop to this problem of back dating.
He must be in his element now:- WE can do whatever we want and we can back date payments and there is nothing you can do about it!
We get the information from IRD and process it as soon as we get it.

I am now confused. So you asked for the information from IRD at the beginning of August and received a reply beginning of October. so you then do the sums and back date it.
What I don't understand is the IRD have a 2 day turn around so you would have had the information at the start of August.

The frustrated young boy then repeats that the information was received at the beginning of October and that it is IRD that is the problem and that it is up to me to sort it out.
Resistance is futile. I realise that this is a pointless excerise. I get my receipt number and hang up.

A few days later I call the IRD and explain the situation.
The young woman asks me to hang on while she cleans up my file.
A few minutes later it is explained to me that when CSA ask for information there is a 2 buisness day turn around and then explained that things were not as bad as I had thought. I just keep paying the adjusted payment and by the time my next payment is due to be sent over to CSA everything will be back to normal.

So now I have to get back to CSA and find out why they leave it so long before getting my information and try to find a solution to this constant problem of incurring back payments.

It is something which I am not looking forward to. No sooner do you question the methods and motives then you get the cold shoulder and bullying tactics.
All I want is the outstanding payment debacle to stop.

Whitesnakes do it better ................. CSA motto Resistance is Futile!
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