Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Story Time Part 38

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King of Dreams
Harry N Down

After that breakfast, all I wanted to do was sleep but Kev insisted that we walk it off.
“Where do you suggest.” I rubbed my now full tummy.
Como Zoo.” A devilish grin appeared on his face.
Too full to argue I agreed.
We finished out tea and coffee then ordered a cab to take us to the Zoo. 
For a small zoo there seems to be quite a lot to see from the tropical encounters to the more standard zoo exhibits and then the conservatory with its breath taking Sunken Garden full of seasonal flowers in full bloom. 
My thoughts float through my head like clouds on a spring day. Drifting aimlessly here and there but most thoughts are of home.
“Ya ready to head off mate?” Kev’s voice startles my wandering thoughts.
The cab ride home is quiet.
The street sounds drift fade in and out.
I can hear horns honking and people yelling.
The cab pulls up outside the hotel and I get out leaving Kev to pay the fare.
I head straight to the room not even thinking about what I am doing grab a beer and sit down.
“You ok Steve?”
“Nah mate. I want to go home.”
The silence is broken by Kev cracking open a can of beer.
Then Kev takes a deep breath.
“When do you wanna head off then?”
Kev looks over at me as I stare into the nothing.
“How about we catch up with ya friends over here and then head home? Be a shame to miss seeing them“
“Yep mate that sounds good Kev.” I feel so much better knowing we are going home.
It does not take long for the atmosphere to return to normal. Well normal for us anyway!
Kev never did ask why I wanted to go home. I figure he had some idea though.

To be continued ................................... HERE
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