Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Story Time Part 35

The story begins HERE

King of Dreams
Harry N Down

Steve and Kev watch as the “Untouchables” go about their work. It disgusts them. Kapil shrugs as they both discuss the untouchable’s plight.
“It is what it is.” Kapil continues driving to the airport. 
Silence can be golden sometimes. It is now that silence has a bad feel about it. The airport beckons. Steve and Kev book in and head for the bar. It is our only solace. Kapil stays for a short time then bids us farewell. He wishes us all the best and hopes we return soon.
“Steve and I want you to have this.” Kev passes him an envelope. “Thank you for all you have done.”
Kev hugs him, I just raise my glass. The looks are enough.
There are no more need for words. Glassy eyes from sad thoughts echo through the three of us. I smile a half smile. “Thanks mate.” Is all I can manage to say?
New Delhi to New York is a 20-hour flight plus a stop over at Heathrow airport. Not an ideal way to travel.
“Flight BA0142 to Heathrow now boarding”
Kev and I make our way to the boarding area.

We are travelling first class on this route mainly due to the length of time we will be on the plane. I am actually really looking forward to it.

Security at airports these days is a lot more stringent than it use to be. I am surprise at the amount of people who constantly whinge and moan at delays in processing through customs.
“If you had organised yourself properly ya wouldn’t have the delay ya stupid moron.” Kev is not happy about all the complaints.
“These are the ones who should know frigging better.” He mumbles to no one in particular.
Fortunately, there are only a handful of people in first class so there is plenty of space for us to spread out.
Kev glares at the man who had done all the complaining. “Don’t even think about it pal” he tells the man who is sitting by the window and up front.
I just smirk. Kev always was one to speak his mind and I actually loved it. Sometimes wishing I could be the same and not give a rat’s toss bag about what others thought.
Just say my piece and move on. Kev was good at it. I mean good at it. Always said the right things at the right time no matter how hurtful his words were. Trouble was, he was nearly always right so ya could not argue.
You did not have any cause to. He would just come up with something else and put you deeper in the hole you had dug yourself.

The flight left on time 02:15 hours and Kev ordered the drinks.
The flight attendant looked at us both. “I’ll have bourbon and he’ll have a beer,” he told her. “Is there a problem with that?” the comment sounded harsh yet he said it so delicately one felt obliged to just nod ones head and do as you were asked.

To be continued ................................ HERE
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