Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Story Time Part 28

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King of Dreams
Harry N Down

For the first time since we started, the trip I am feeling quite relaxed. That is until we hit the bar at the hotel.

“Excuse me Sir, You have a message.” The hotel clerk informs me.
I read the message.
Kev looks at me handing me a drink. “You OK? Mate?”
I reread the message. “Hmm Chetna will meet me here tomorrow.”
"Crapping ya pant are ya?” Kev roars with laughter. The rest of the bar goes quiet.
“What time is she going to meet ya?”
“10 am.” I must look like a clown at the fair. Mouth open and looking around.
“Oh well. You will sort her out eh?” Kev giggles. “Come up and bit you in the bum eh mate?”
“Shut it Kev” I am not annoyed just a bit take aback. I never expected her to make an effort to catch up so soon.
“Better get an early night eh Steve? Keep ya strength up and all that sort of thing.” He is now in fits of laughter. It is infectious I start laughing to.

“Bugga that! I’m going to need a night out to loosen up.”

Kev and I have a few more drinks and then I decide to be sensible and head off to my room. I should really make the effort to be 100% when Chetna comes over. I could call her but I choose not to. I’m tired and have had enough for the night.

In my room, I shower and get ready for bed. Boxer shorts and a silky dressing gown I sit on the balcony over looking the city or rather part of it. Delhi is a massive city. I light a smoke. As I have done so many times before I allow my mind to ponder and drift from idea to idea and thought to thought.

I think about Chetna. I remember the things we have talked about. I go through what may or may not happen. It is my way, I cannot help it, I analyse everything. It is one of the reasons I have problems relaxing.
What will she be like? What will she think? What will she expect?
There are a lot of bloody “what’s” in there.
There is a knock on the door. Bloody Kev with a bottle of red wine. “Thought ya might like a night cap.”
He waltz’s in grabs a couple of glasses and heads out to the balcony. “Come on then mate.”
I close the door and head out to where Kev is.
“Drink up mate” Kev raises his glass.
There is a pause and then Kev straightens up. “What do you want to do?” he asks in a sincere and caring tone.
“I don’t know. Play it by ear I guess.” Which is true, as I had not thought anything about it?
“Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!” Kev shakes his head.
“Prepare mate. Brunch, drinks and entertainment. Take her to Akshardham or Muquai Gardens or even Lochi gardens. There is Ajmal Khan Park if you can stand the excitement. Delhi Haat would be nice. There is the Ansal Plaza or the Lotus Temple. Maybe even the Bahai Temple.”

Kev appears more stressed than I am.
“Oh come on Kev she would have seen all of that stuff.”
“Maybe mate but not with you. It would make her feel good showing you stuff. Showing you all about her city.” Kev pauses.
“What would you do in Adelaide? Take in the Barossa, Hahndorf, Glenelg even Elizabeth. You understand what I am saying?”
“Yeah I guess ya right.”
“I friggin’ Know I’m right Steve. Get your act into gear.” Kev leans back and takes a mouthful of wine.

He looks at me again.
“You are shitting bricks aren’t ya? You never expected a woman to be so forward. Oh, mate she will be shy but she knows what she wants. If she is coming to see you. You must have something, you must be special. Indian women do not make the effort without thinking things through. She must think the world shines out of your ass. Remember Steve, she is not a western woman. She is very different. Oh, there are similarities, tits and things but mentally they are very different. They are strong minded, determined and can be very stubborn. They know what they want. They love their partner regardless. They have a spiritual love for their partner that you and I could never come close to understanding. If they love you mate, they love you for life.”

He reaches for my smoke pack and lights two up, passing one over to me. I take it and look around. I feel like a stunned mullet.
Kev takes a deep breathe. “I have organised some brunch for the morning. It will be brought up to your room about eleven. Don’t stuff this up mate. Make a good impression.”
Kev finishes his smoke and his drink “Give me a call if ya need me.” He smiles. “It is fine to be laid back Steve but some where along the line you have to decide where you want to be and what you want to do. You won’t be any different if you take control and then go with the flow.”
‘Thanks Kev.”
“Right then I’m off. Oh, one more thing. Kapil will pick you up around 5pm and take you to Akshardham to see the Musical fountain at dusk. Beautiful. Yagnapurush Kund is a fascinating combination of a Vedic yagna kund and a musical fountain. It is the world's largest yagna kund measuring 300' X 300' with 2,870 steps and 108 small shrines. At night, the centre comes to life with a colourful musical water fountain that echoes the sentiments of India. Bloody well romantic sight it is. The right sort of setting for what you and her need. Well then, I’ll bid you a goodnight and good luck mate. See ya! Maybe tomorrow.” Kev laughs. He puts his glass in the sink and sees himself out.
As the door closes, I find myself alone and trying to digest all that Kev has said.
Time for bed. I need sleep. Tomorrow is tomorrow and it can wait.

To be continued................ HERE
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