Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Feel Good

This weeks feel good comes from living with the most beautiful, loving and caring woman in the world, of course it is KB.

Steak, Chips Veggies and Mushroom Sauce
This weekend has been fantastic.
We watched the movies Invictus, Platoon and National Treasure went to one of our favourite restaurants and had quite a few good laughs at home.
I cooked up two lovely dinners, one a chicken dish and the other a steak dish. We had some drinks and basically had a lot of fun.
We even got to do some jobs that didn't have to be done but would have sooner or later.
Lawns mowed, washing done, house clean and tidy the weekend finishes much too quickly these days.
I even got in a couple of walks.
Today is Monday and for the start of another week I feel good.
Thank you so much for being you KB.
I love you babe XXXX

Whitesnakes do it better .................... When ya have the love of a woman.

Add your feel good for the week!
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