Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Story Time Part 25

The story starts here

King of Dreams
Harry N Down

I am tired. I am knacked. I want to sleep. I want something but I do not know what.

The knock on the door wakes me from my thoughts.
“Kev, how did ya get on?”
“Fine mate. You?”
“Good. Shallini was good, Sunni was his usual self and Sandy was absolutely cool.”
“Sandy? Who the hell is Sandy?”
“Sunni’s wife you moron.”
“Oh yeah! Sandy. His wife. I forgot about that.”
“OH NO! Come on Kev, tell me he isn’t.”
“You have a problem with it Steve?”
“NO!” I say somewhat annoyed.
“I just wish I had known. Does she know?”
“No, she does not. I would like to keep it that way.”
“Kev. You know me well enough.”
“Sorry Steve. I know I should have said something. Over here, it is rampant but discreet. No one knows or else they turn a blind eye.”
“Like they do with the kids eh?”
Kev hangs his head. There is something very distasteful here. Some thing not quite right.

There is a deathly silence. For the first time ever, Kev and I are at loggerheads. For the first time I am questioning Kev about his private life. Probing his sexuality. I have never done that. Never even entered my mind to do it. Now I want to know I need to know. To lighten the atmosphere I ask if he wants a drink.
“Yes please.” Kev spits out. “Make it a double.”
Obviously, he means he wants something stronger than beer so I pour him Bourbon. Double bourbon with coke.
“OK, spill it! We are mates and always will be. Mate, nothing you can say will change things between us. I just need to know.”

Kev takes a mouthful of his drink. Takes a deep breathe and then tells me about his relationship with Sunni. Kev has been back to India many times. He and Sunni are close.
“What about Kapil?” I ask
“Ha! Straighter than straight person’s straight bits.” Kev half smiles.
“Kev, it’s ok. I just need to know these things so I don’t put my foot in it. You know what I mean eh?”
“Yes mate I do. Thanks. Just please let it lay.”
“Ok mate.” I give Kev a hug and nod for him to come and have a look out at the balcony. Moreover, I want a smoke so there is the double reason.

GOD! What the hell!

To be continued ................... here
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