Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Feel Good

Friday is always a feel good day, mainly due to the fact the weekend beckons and on some occasions a long weekend may be had.
It doesn't have to be feel good for Friday it could be Monday or any day of the week. Maybe even a moment in time that we remember.
The feel good this week is KB and our list of things we intend to do over the next 12 months.
Not in any particular order.

To do board
Get married to each other!
Own a home together with a bath, veggie garden and a chook house and chooks!
Never have to worry financially!
A fun job!
Be healthy, wealthy, happy and wise!
Able to look after those that have looked after us.

We have put this list on a whiteboard where we see it everyday.
The idea is to try and achieve as many goals as we can. We know that the ones we have in place are achievable within the time frame we have set.
The mere thought of achieving each one is a feel good and of course this leads to a more positive frame of mind, atomsphere and environment.

What's you feel good for this week?

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