Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Feel Good (Cooking)

Keep it Simple!
One thing that I enjoy is to cook.
I will try anything that takes my fancy.
I successfully made kind of Beef Wellington which proved to be quite a hit with readers of
KB and Whitesnakes Home and I am finding that I can cook just about anything that the so called Michelin Star chefs can.
I am however a no frills cook and I wouldn't class myself as a chef by any standard.
I reckon food should be kept simple and given a taste that one remembers for a long time.
Eating should be a journey that excites and tantalises.
Cooking should be enjoyed and shared.
KB and I share the kitchen and we both are happy to help each other if required and I must add that my girl is a fantastic cook herself..
I always look forward to time off with my babe so that we can  share the experiences of cooking up new and exciting dishes or simply revisit tried and true recipes.

"Gordon! Stop shouting. It's only a bit of dinner! If it doesn't turn out I'll just pop to the chippy for a take-out!)

Whitesnakes do it better .........In the Kitchen

This weeks Friday Feel Good is Cooking........ whats yours?

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