Thursday, July 28, 2011

End Game Again

Neil Craig
Not many of my readers follow the AFL  (Australian Football League) and that is a sad thing.
I follow most sports.
Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, Motor sports and many others.
 Aussie rules is my main love and the Adelaide Football Club is my team.
Unfortunately over here in NZ men cuddling and groping each other is the number one sport. So AFL is hardly seen on the box and that would be because the national Rugby side has a great record for winning.
Rugby Union that is not Rugby League.

This year my side has lost more games than ever and have suffered heavy defeats until finally this past week the coach Neil Craig decided to step down and take responsibility for the sides downhill path.
His comments about his resignation are quite interesting. He puts the club first and himself second.
What a refreshing change to hear such honest comments from a man who is well respected.
Neil Craig is the kind of man we should all strive to be.
Who ever takes his place will have a great foundation to work with.

Whitesnakes do it better ............... When ya supporting ya team.

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