Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Manic Moments (Oils ain't Oils)

While shopping  I noticed that products are not what they appear to represent.

Example is fly spray.
I tried the fly spray in the store and not ONE fly came out! So I sprayed a bit more and still nothing.

I then saw the hair spray.
Guess what? NOT one single hair came out.

This led me to the section where one can find all sorts of lotions.
Linseed oil, Apricot kernel oil, Goanna oil, Whale oil and of course Baby oil.

Now Linseed comes from linseeds, Apricots come from apricots; Whale oil comes from whales, Goanna oil comes from goannas and BABY OIL?????????
Now we know where lost babies end up!

Now we know why there are so many missing children in the world.
Seriously though, Goanna Oil and Whale oil, is there a difference when it comes to environmentalists?
Yes there is!
Save the Whales and fuck the Goannas!!!

I am, though it is known by few. A very thoughtful person.
I ask the question, does whaling really have to happen to the extent that it does at present?
There are some nations who partake in the hunt for whales.

Two that spring to mind are Norway and Japan.
Norway openly admits it hunts for food but Japan tells us it hunts whales for scientific experiments and has been doing so for a very long time.
I would really like to know why, what data have you collected and what information have you gained?
Why continue?
Why tell us that you only hunt certain whales yet you are caught with other species?
Why all this MI5 and CIA crap?
Why not a little bit of honesty and balls?
Why not just say that you hunt for food and then we can tell you to fuck off from our part of the ocean and stay in your own part of the world and fish that into extinction.
This thing about International waters is a crock of bullshit!
The entire world is up in arms about this and that but the bottom line is!

MONEY talks.

The powers that be do not give a rat’s toss bag about whether you want to save the world or whether you care and share. It is purely about what is in it for them.
As a common person they would suggest that I have NO idea the consequences of what I am saying. The financial cost to the country.
Well excuse me!
What about the world as a whole?
It is our world and whales are just apart of it.
There are many more similar things that need addressing.
Carbon Gas would be one little one!

We can’t change everything but some where some time we must make a stand and say enough is enough.
I did hear some where about some environmentalists complaining about how the heavy rains in Queensland had rivers flowing into the sea and devastating the coral in the Great Barrier Reef .

You stupid twat!
Mother Nature has been doing it since this earth was formed and probably a lot worst.

Next we'll be told that all these earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are caused by some electrical transmitted disease brought on by protesting people who care about our environment.
Whitesnakes do it better ………… When ya having a whale of a time.
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