Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Story Time Part 23

The story starts here

King of Dreams
Harry N Down

Sandy asks about my kids and what Australia is like. She and Sunni would like to visit someday. I insist they do and to look me and Kev up so we can return the hospitality that we have received.
“How much do I owe for the drinks?” I lean over asking Sunni.
“Nothing Steve honestly.”
“You’ll go broke the way Kev and I drink.” I laugh.
What if ya going the wrong way?

“On weekends we get many tourists who like a drink. That is the main reason we now sell alcohol. Englishmen and the Germans are the biggest drinkers. Englishmen always enjoy a good curry.” He flashes that smile of his. “Good for business. Very good for business.” He lets out a laugh as he sips his cup of tea.

“You have seen your Indian lady friend?” Sandy asks me.
Surprised a little by the question I still answer “Not yet.”
“Why not?” Her voice more stern in tone.
“Have not got around to it yet. She isn’t expecting me till next week.”
Sandy asks more and more questions about Chetna and then about my life. I answer her honestly and openly. She seems impressed.

Time fly’s when one is enjoying oneself. Kapil has arrived. Coming in the rear entrance.
“Sorry Kapil, I’ll just finish my beer.”
“No rush, take your time. I drop you off and then head home. I am finished for today.” Kapil looks exhausted as Sandy pours him some tea.
Kapil has had nothing but airport runs. He talks to Sunni about reservations for the next few days. Promising to bring in some customers. I glance at Shallini; she gets off her chair collecting her things and walks off through the kitchen. I get up and stretch. “Time to go mate.”
“We’ll head out the back way the cab is out there.” Kapil refills his cup with tea. “You have another beer then we’ll go. I need to relax for a few minutes.”
Sunni goes and gets me a beer and I sit back down. Shallini comes back out gives me a hug and a kiss, saying goodbye. “Uncle Steve. Thank you for my presents.”
“No worries sweetie, see you next time eh?” She heads back out with Sandy in tow.

“Ten years old and acts like a six year old. That is the damage these horrible things do to these poor children.” Sunni shakes his head.
“At least they have people like you guys who care.” I try taking the sadness out of the present conversation.
“And you Steve. You and Kev.”

Back at the hotel, Kev has not returned yet. It’s 6.30pm. I am feeling quite content and a bit tired. I am determined to stay up late to adjust to the time difference. Last night I did so why not tonight.

I head out to the balcony and light a smoke. I look over Delhi as the nighttime arrives and a gently soothing breeze passes through. I go back inside after sitting there for about half an hour thinking about what I am doing and where am I going. My thoughts wander from Koryuki to Shallini. It hasn’t been the best of starts to a trip. I decide to call Chetna.

To be continued
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