Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Story Time Part 18

The story starts here

King of Dreams
Harry N Down

“Sunni’s Bar and Eat House.”
Kev tells me of his last trip here. He met Kapil and Sunni. It was with these to gentlemen he found out about the kids. Sunni and his wife had adopted a girl who had been abused by her father and uncle. She was at the time only five years old.
“That was almost five years ago.” Kev reflects. “Time fly’s past quickly.”

We chat some more. The phone rings. Kapil is waiting for us in the lobby.
I head off to my room and grab a soft toy and an opal bracelet. Placing them in a bag, I check over the room and then close the door. We enter the lift and head down to the lobby.

“Well mate, out into the great unknown. Heat Dust and whatever else India has to offer.”
“Ever the comedian eh Steve?”

We meet Kapil and after reintroductions, we pile into his cab and head off. Fortunately, Kapil’s cab has air conditioning. India’s heat is something you have to experience to come to terms with.
“You called Chetna, Steve?”
“No. Might call her tonight or maybe tomorrow. She is not expecting us till next week anyway.”

New Delhi Street
I have no idea where I am. The trip is slow. The traffic is dense and there are Cows everywhere in the streets. I conclude there are no road rules other than you are NOT allowed to injure the cows. Horns honking, people yelling there are millions of people here. There is plenty of colourful clothing being worn by people walking the streets. I even notice that the men urinate up against the walls without so much as a care in the world. What a strange place this is.

We pass about a dozen temples. All different shapes and sizes. In some places, you can see the old English architecture that was used so many years ago, still dominating the streets. Some are beautiful and some are just plain ugly.

“How have you found India so far Steve?” Kapil asks.
“Well being that I have mainly seen the inside of your cab. Pretty good so far.” Comes my smart-ass reply.
Kapil give a thunderous laugh. “Kevin said you would be a funny man.”
I look at Kev.
”So KEVIN is it?” “How nice.” I start grinning.
“It is proper English.” Kev quickly replies.
“Ok then KEVIN it is from now on.”
“Oh Bugga off Steve. You know what I mean.”

As we continue driving through the streets of Delhi, Kapil highlights this and that as we go. Giving us brief descriptions of what each building, monument, statue and temple is all about. Quite interesting really. Kapil does not over do the tourist guide bit. Keeps it straight to the point and simple.

It took about thirty mins to get to Sunni’s Bar. Kapil explained that normally it would take fifty mins but the traffic was a bit lighter than normal. I just looked at Kev and he slapped my back and smiled.
“Welcome to Delhi.” It is Kev’s Turn to grin.
“You two go in I have to park the car. Sunni is expecting you. He remembers you Kev.” Kapil laughs as he drives off.
“What was all that about?” I ask.
“Got drunk here once and these two have never let me forget it.”

To be continued
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