Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday's Layback (Taking Stock)

Hey, Hey you with the friggin' sad look on ya face.

Yeah you!
Where the hell do you get off putting that sad excuse for a face out in public?
Let me tell ya that I have had enough. I have been crook and I still ain't feeling 100% but man do I have some issues ta deal with.

I am at the mo, crooker than a crook persons crook bits but let me tell ya I have had enough!
YES enough!

I have a woman who in my eyes and from my view point is the most beautifulest woman in the world and she loves me with no need for me ta be anything but who I am and I love her with just as much much passion  as ever.

OK enough of the soppy stuff!

We need ta sort it out!
What we need to deal with here or rather I have ta deal with here is:-

All the frigging wankers that walk this earth that I have NO....................... repeat NO ...............fucking control other wankers will.......continue ta pester the fuck out of me. They will continue to break road rules, running red lights, cutting ya off and taking up space. Not indicating and speeding and nearly killing all those around em They are the bastards that constantly try to cause accidents on the road.

I need ta accept that there  are bastards out there that will shoplift and not give a flying fuck how it effects the prices of goods. Nor how many other people are effected by their actions.They will laugh in your face know the justice system will do nothing but give them an excuse to do it over and over again,

They  the offenders are thinking that it is their GOD GIVEN RIGHT ta steal from anyone or anybody! Might I add without any form of acceptance that it is wrong!

I also have to accept that the New Zealand Justice system and the New Zealand Government is committed to being  anti victim and totally committed to supporting the offenders of crimes because they are the poor ass wipes that require help and are in need of assistance.
It couldn't possibly be the poor fucker whose was stabbed, murdered, raped or even had their car stolen, broken into or bag stolen, threaten for no reason the list goes there is no need for any sort of assistance or compensation.
Oh no!. The Government and Justice system believes the community can not accept that the innocent people who have a crime committed against them should in any way shape or form require assistance ta deal with the emotional and psychological side of crime. Not even a whimper of help. Note even an acknowledgement.

HEY ..... we have victims of crime persons and help like stuff!

OH really?

A bunch of useless tossers getting paid ta ignore the truth or not being paid, thus just looking for self esteem like "Hey look at me I help screw victims of crime" and I feel James Brown!

Photo by Treza Drewett
Here is what I have to accept.
NZ police do a damn fine job within the constraints of the law.

The Government and Justice system just fucks victims over .........and so do all those do gooder wankers who are all for the PC stuff that quite simply ....................doesn't work.

We get every now and then eccentrics who......... like me  will tell it like it is and the majority agree yet never follow through.

Sadly, the minority will have their say and the rest of us just can't be bothered,
So until we can be bothered stop ya complaining!

It is all about taking stock. Yes I wanna see the life I lead to be right and stuff. The outside influence's that we have no control of will fuck us over, unfortunately governments and public service will always interfere with that and to be completely honest............they do not give a shit!
If governments actually did do what they thought was best and I mean really thought of what was good for the country, if they actually did what were elected for they wouldn't last very long.
Wouldn't want me as the PM might get some justice up and running and actually get some work done!

Whitesnakes do it better ........... Do I stand alone?
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