Monday, November 17, 2008

Whitesnakes work is never done.

Work comes in stops and starts. Sometimes I get regular work, sometimes I get nothing but a Thursday night and other times there is not enough days in the week.

Having to say no to work is somethingI have to get use to, other wise I would burn out and be unable to do my job properly.
I am finding that the more times I work the better I get at it. Natural aye?

The thing that gets me though is that I will get a call at the last moment asking me to work at some far distant planet. They know I don't drive and that I rely on public transport but the still insist on calling me to do a middle of the night shift.

One of the funniest things that happened was getting a call to work the local mall being asked if I could work 5pm to 9. "Yep no problem"
No problem??????
Get to the place and find out it is 5pm to 9am 16 hrs straight. Long and strenuous but I made it through. As soon as I got home the call came through to see if I could work that afternoon.

The polite version of the answer was "No thank you"

I must say though I love my job.

Whitesnakes do it better ...........when ya work at it!
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