Saturday, November 22, 2008

The future

I have no idea why, but this festive season just ain’t doing it for me!
My workcover thingy should be finalised this week. (YEAH RIGHT!)
The house is being emptied out in readiness for the big move, the annual family get together will be held here and most of the family have already agreed ta come over. Work is steady and as ya’ll know, I love my job.

Yet something is missing.
No idea what. This year seems like a drag, Christmas a bore!
Maybe it is old age catching up or the stresses and strains of moving. Trying to organise everything and not knowing how things will pan out. Maybe having ta say goodbye to family and friends is taking its toll.

Who knows and who really cares, it can only get better aye?

Whitesnakes do it better ……. When ya play that funky music Whitesnake
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