Sunday, May 20, 2018

Auckland Council and the Petrol Tax

Auckland Council is putting a tax on petrol to help pay for better transport infrastructure because apparently they need more money. As of 2014 there were approx 470,000 dwelling in the Auckland area. Now rates let us say are $1000 per dwelling that gives the council 470 million per year (it will definitely be a lot more) then add the rates businesses pay I'd like to know where is the money? 
 I tried looking through the annual report 2016/2017 and I found it somewhat confusing which I think is the general idea, baffle the average rate payer. What I want to know is what money came in and what did council spend, then itemise the ins and outs. 
As I spent more time looking through the annual report I honestly lost the will to live. The amount of dribble was incredible, 38m spent on cycleways, where I live I have yet to see anyone use it and that is since 2012. They ride on footpaths or in the middle of the road but never in the cycleway.
498m spent on governance and support, why so much? The more I read the more I realised that Auckland Council  really needs someone with a head for business and a set of balls to make better deals and better choices for all Aucklanders.
Steve Boddey

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