Monday, February 20, 2017

Raping a 13yr old and got WHAT?

Sanjay Kumar Chand Rana  a 38 year old man who committed an indecent act on a 13 year old girl before raping her has been given a reduced sentence.

This feral animal was given nine years but appealed on the grounds that he hadn’t been given a discount on his previous good character.
Good what?

What happened prior to this incident is irrelevant. What he has done is more important. Even the judge at the initial sentencing was somewhat bewildered that the man showed no remorse for this cowardly act.

The young girl was being cared for by Rana and his wife while her mother was in hospital. She had been collecting clothes from her home before this scumbag committed this repulsive crime on her parent’s bed.

I just do not understand the justice system over here, a man can rape a young girl and have the assessment of the Probation Service stating he is a high risk of re-offending get 9 years for it (should have got life) but because family, friends and supporters tell us he is really a good man he gets a reduced sentence, sorry something seriously wrong with this scenario.

The word Donkeys comes to mind regarding this!

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