Monday, February 20, 2017

One Depressed Dog

I am depressed!

I must have caught it off mum or dad because as a dog how else could I get depressed? It could be that it is colder these days and it has been raining or maybe it is that I haven’t had some of dads yummy cooking for ages and ages so I have to have the doggy biscuits and water.

Dad has cooked some very good smelling dinners for mum just lately. I say smelling because I never got a taste! One was a vegetarian curry and the other egg fried rice with vegetables and chicken.

The curry one smelt so good that my bottom started burning even though I never got a taste.

Oh well I better go and moan in my bed.
You have a good day as I will head to bed so depressed.

Coco La Belle

Woof woof!

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