Monday, February 20, 2017

Coco and Food

You humans have no idea about how we animals think.
That look of puzzlement on my face is actually me saying ARE you serious?

Dinner time is one time I am completely shocked at human antics.
Here Coco here Coco yum yum this is delicious.
Oh really?
Yes it is yum yum!
No it’s not!
Besides, how the hell would you know if it tastes delicious have you  eaten the stuff?
First thing us dogs do after a feed is lick our butts to get the damn taste out of our mouths!
Geez give us dogs a break we know good food when we smell it and that crap you call dog food is not, repeat not decent tucker.
A bowl of dry biscuits and a bowl of water makes me wonder if this iss this prison or what?
Get me some juicy meat, raw with a bone still attached. Something I can grind my teeth on.

Hang on.
What’s that plate dad has in his hand?
Hmm smells simply divine.
I’ll catch you dog lovers later.
It’s leftover time.
xx “woof woof”

Written by Steve Boddey on behalf of Coco la Belle

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