Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Everybody suffers from anxiety; however there are those of us who deal with it not quite as well as other people.

When I get anxious I have varying symptoms, these include profuse sweating, difficulty in breathing, feeling light headed, wanting to throw up, tiredness, and of course wanting to find a safe place to be.

I have no idea where it all started although I have tried to find out. By the time I realise I am anxious I have reached the point of no return, so taking deep breaths etc is not an option.

I have sort medical advice and I am on medication. I can’t work because of it but I am working on the basics of restoring my life to some sort of normality. Thank goodness I have a wonderful, understanding wife who also suffers anxiety which actually is a blessing as we both know what each of us is going through.

Many people think anxiety is a sign of weakness and you should get over it. Unfortunately it is not a sign of weakness it is a sign of being strong for too long and NO you don’t just get over it like turning a page in a book.

People have anxiety problems for many different reasons and not all are easily treated. Making sure that any person who suffers anxiety has support is what is important; following a program that suits you in the battle against anxiety.  The road can be a long one as I have found but it can be a short one. You just have keep plugging away.

Steve Boddey
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