Saturday, March 26, 2016

Trash Talking and getting rid of Easter

How two men can go about and slag off at each other reminds me of my childhood when who trash talked the loudest and could state the most awful things was deemed to be a winner.

Trash talking goes on everywhere, from cricket to wrestling to anything where two sides have opposing viewpoints. So it comes as no surprise when the media goes out of its way to highlight it.

When it comes to politics, the media does trash talking the best. Over here in New Zealand you would think that the only candidates in the running were Trump and Clinton. There is hardly ever a mention of anyone else unless Hilary or Donald bring up the names.

New Zealand is a very beautiful country and while the majority of people here are very warm and welcoming there is a minority that rule. This minority are the over the top politically correct twats that are constantly looking to get headlines and are now looking to get rid of Easter as it is a Christian celebration and may offend some other religious group that we may or may not have heard of.

There is a great fear in New Zealand about saying what one thinks. It is a country where certain people just don’t care, whether that is on the roads or in shopping centres.

The justice system is a joke and the laws that are in place to protect people are just window dressing for the do gooders to smile and tell everyone how wonderful they are.

Let us hope and pray that Isis doesn’t give us a wake up call that shows political correctness for what it is, nothing but a waste of effort.

Steve Boddey

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