Sunday, November 29, 2015

Time To Go Isis

I would like to share my view on the ISIS situation.

In the name of Allah what the hell do you think you are doing by trying to frighten innocent people and killing them with explosive devices that have elements of pork gelatine in them? I thought Muslims didn’t have anything to do with pork?

Were you not aware that all ammunition in the world has some kind of pork based gelatin manufactured into it? I think there will be quite a few wanted to be martyrs who will be a tad annoyed knowing you hadn’t informed them of this fact before they let off their suicide bombs.

As for vestal virgins I think in today’s world there wouldn’t be too many that are of an appropriate age. Oh wait you don’t care do you? So we can add paedophilia to your resume and we know how well that goes down in society these days.

So let us look at what you have achieved; you have brought the Christian and Muslim worlds closer together not forgetting the whole world. Awaiting you when your turn to die comes around will be all those suicide bombers who thought they were doing things in the name of Allah and are still fuming about the missing virgins.

No doubt Allah himself will not be too pleased that you took the teachings of Islam and twisted it to suit your own idealisms that are in no way shape or form related to the Muslim faith.

The more you try to imprint your ideals onto the rest of us the more we will unite and become stronger in our endeavour to rid the world of groups like yours. There is no place on this planet for people like you.

Sooner rather than later, just like the Nazis, you will be defeated and the Muslim and Christian people will be better off for it.

Author Steve Boddey

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