Sunday, November 8, 2015

The ANZAC Spirit

The ANZAC Spirit

There is some thing special, about the ANZAC spirit,
No other countries can understand,
Endurance that will never, own defeat,
Then there’s comradeship, within every man.

Reckless valour for a good cause,
Is what the spirit brings,
Enterprise and resourcefulness
And many other things.

The ANZAC spirit began with war,
Yet it carries on today,
Assisting those who are in need,
That is the spirits way.

Every year we remember them,
That gave their lives for free,
On the 25th of April,
We always remember thee.

My fear today is tomorrow’s loss,
Of the spirit we hold dear,
The ANZAC legends, died for nought,
Within the coming years.

Until that time I will carry the spirit,
Within this heart of mine,
Passing on the ANZAC spirit,
Until the end of time.

Author Steve Boddey
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