Friday, October 23, 2015

Sugar Tax - You can't have a stick without a carrot.

There is a push here in New Zealand to place a sugar tax on soft drinks in an effort to curb childhood obesity along with general obesity.

Are these people off their medication?
If you are to implement a sugar tax on fizzy drinks you need to encourage a healthy alternative.

You can’t just put a tax on sugar you have to look at the bigger picture. A tax like this does nothing but give the government more money to waste.

If you tax soft drinks why not remove the tax from fruit and vegetables. It is no use having a stick without a carrot. It should be noted removing the tax on fruit and vegetables was put to the government but it was placed in the too hard basket.

The New Zealand Countdown Supermarket chain is at least making an effort by offering free fruit for kids to eat while you shop. They should be commended for offering something and leading the way.

Alas governments will always put a tax on something rather than address the problem in the correct manner.

Author Steve Boddey

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