Monday, October 19, 2015


“You’re just a picture, an image caught in time, we’re a lie, you and I, and we are words without a rhyme.” Ronnie James Dio

There are always times in every ones life when they feel like they are heading no where and have lost direction.

I wonder if we need that sort of thing to happen so it gives us time to reflect and adjust if necessary our goals, our hopes and our dreams. Maybe we just need a break to easy our troubled lives.

Trying to relax, lead a calm, stress free life is challenging. There is no easy answer to finding the right balance as we are all different, requiring separate needs and attention. What maybe good for you may not necessarily be good for me?

I find meditation extremely challenging as I am easily distracted and my mind giggles and chuckles about things. As for yoga, well anything I bend will probably break or cause serious injury.

Kind of makes you want to go back to bed and try again.

Author Steve Boddey

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