Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Illegal Aliens and Banning Festivals

Ok it is bug up my ass time!

Read Observations to get more information.

Two issues, some twat wants the words “illegal aliens” changed to “undocumented foreign nationals as it is deemed offensive to the people it is suppose to identify with.

Next; schools are starting to implement bans on certain traditions that western countries celebrate because some students at said schools can not or will not participate in these traditions.

Why are schools not teaching tolerance of these traditions/festivals rather than hiding behind a band aid solution.

It is time the majority stopped the minority from stripping western countries of our culture.

So bans will now apply to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Ramadan, Diwali and Pasifika more bans will be implemented so that all parties have an equal amount of banned traditions or festivals if we don't put a stop to it!

Author Steve Boddey

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