Thursday, October 22, 2015

Customer Service at Harvey Norman

What really rattles my cage is companies that claim to be all caring, all customer orientated but underneath really don’t give a monkeys bum about you.

Over here in New Zealand we have a company called Harvey Norman and they have been advertising some lovely deals and selling the image of being all loving and caring about customers.

Well they stuffed up big time! I went into the local store and inquired about a universal remote control. In the TV area where I would have thought such an item would be I was sent over to the computer section and from there back to the TV section where I was told they don’t sell them.

Fortunately I had taken my medicine so I remained relatively calm and as I walked out of the store I noticed remote control holders. Why sell holders but not remotes?

Stuff em! I went home.

On their web site I found the exact thing I was looking for and decided to email feedback on my experience. I did so with grace and aplomb. They would get back to me within 48 hours so they said.

I wonder if they meant 48 days or maybe years.

I have had no reply in weeks and don’t expect one now.


Author Steve Boddey 
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