Monday, September 28, 2015

Petrol Prices and the Greedy Oil Companies

The biggest thieves next to governments are the oil companies that rip the general public off with their over inflated petrol pricing. As soon as the price of a barrel of oil goes up so does the price of petrol. The oil that these scumbag rats of the sewers have in storage and brought at a cheaper price is now costing the consumer more at the pump.

One should also note that these thieving low life’s that own service stations are now in the process of introducing self serving pumps where you do all the work and then swipe your card then driver away.

It is interesting that these snakes in the grass are now collecting the exact amount and no longer is there any rounding up or down and guess what, you did all the work so they get free labour but does the price of petrol come down?

If you think that wind and solar power are the right way to go you are on the money however there is no way in hell these oil company leeches will let that happen.
You the consumer are screwed.

Author Steve Boddey
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