Sunday, September 20, 2015

Listen to the Silence

The silence was eerie, no wind, no noise of any kind.

As I walked along the pathway my footsteps interrupted the silence of the evening. It was as though each step taken had increased in volume, creating a shattering noise that echoed as the final rays of daylight faded and the stars glistening brightly took centre stage.

I stopped to listen for any other noise; I could hear my heart pounding as blood pumped its way through. My breathing became rapid as I took a step forward and heard the crunch underfoot.

The moonlight made silhouettes of my surrounding. I could see shadows of various things. Another step forward and the dried leaves crumbled once more under my boot.

I stood there in the moonlight sweat beading, then trickling down my face.

Listen, just listen said the silence.

Author Steve Boddey
Picture source Karen and Steve Boddey
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