Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Offended, Racism and Victims of Crime

What actually is being offended?
We can only be offended by anything when we allow it to become so.
It can only be offensive if one takes it on board. Therefore an event or choice of words is actually not offensive unless someone chooses to take it as offensive.
So it is not the person who uttered a phrase/word or an event that occurred that is offensive, it is the person who is supposedly took offense that is at fault.
How can anyone determine someone else’s meaning without being that person?
To do so is to judge and condemn with extreme prejudice.
When someone makes a claim of being offended they are giving the perpetrator credibility for the offence. Being offended merely highlights an incident and the question becomes why?
To claim to be offended serves no useful purpose whatsoever, it has no credence!
“I’m offended!”
Yeah ok so what? I think you are going to get leprosy?

Racism/racist are other words thrown around with gay abandon by people who have a nothing better to do with their time. The R words are used to degrade another human being without having to justify the use of it. The words are used to deflect attention from the real problem.
In the majority of cases an accusation of racism comes when two cultures have different viewpoints on some issue that reflects badly on one of those cultures.
Racism also raises its head when people from one country move to another and try to introduce their morals, values and religion into that country and not integrate into the country that they chose to live in. The western world faces a barrage of accusations of racism everyday and it is interesting to note that white Caucasian people are the only humans that can be accused of racism.

Western societies are way too soft on immigrants and allow the minority to control the majority with all this political correctness rubbish it is no wonder the world is in the state it is now.
In France there are no go areas for Christians and essential services because the Muslims who occupy the area won’t allow anyone not of their own religion in the area. What is all that about?
They are now so entrenched in the area now they will never be able to remove them. When they banned the burqa there was uproar and the French were accused of racism.

In Britain, the prison budget per prisoner for food is higher than that for its naval personnel. Why this has happened is beyond my comprehension and but it does seem that governments, all over the world have their priorities all over the place. How can a prisoner be worth more that a serviceman?

Watching reality police or border security shows really highlight the injustices in our courts and sentencing systems. We see food, drugs and dead animals brought in to the country by people who come up with the most ridiculous reasons for not reading the customs declaration form properly and then are given a slap on the wrist or in the case of drugs a suspended sentence or a couple of dollar fine.
Criminals not only need to be accountable for their crime but also the damage that they have done to the victims of their crime either directly or indirectly. Victims suffer all kinds of trauma that lasts in some cases longer that the sentence given to the criminal. It is neither right nor fair that perpetrators of crime live a life in jail with a minimum of inconvenience and can get out earlier if they behave. It is an insult to victims of crime when people talk about prisoners rights. Once you commit a crime and are convicted there should only be basic human rights not TV's Computers, Phones, Radios and 3 meals a day and a nice bed to sleep in at night educational tuition etc etc etc.
A victim on the other hand suffers for life nightmares and reliving the crime time and time again. They receive little if any help and that help only lasts so long. The so called do gooders, the politically correct twats, the activists for prisoners rights should be the first against the wall when the revolution comes and the same goes for all those religious nutters who abuse their religious teaching to commit crimes against another human being.

Whitesnakes do it better ....... when you just want every one to be happy!
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