Sunday, May 26, 2013

COT to Make a Difference

Surely a war on terror doesn't make any sense. How can you have a war on terror and actually know when its gonna end? Will it end when they get the terror?
Will we hear it on the news "Relax it's all gone, we got the terror!"
"We are moving on to Horror next!"

You can't have a war on terror that's insane.

Whitesnake:- "So ya having a war on terror huh?"
Government rep:- "Yep that's right!"
Whitesnake:-"Whats war create then?"
Government rep:- "Err umm...errr.. umm terror?"
Whitesnake:-"Exactly! you are actually having a war against the consequence of the action you're involved in!"
Government rep:- "Err Ours is good terror! "It's good peace, freedom, loving terror!"
Whitesnake:- "Like a terror light? Sort of a diet terror? So that I can't believe it's not terror?"
Government rep:- "Exactly!"
Whitesnake :- "Vive la difference you are still a donkey!"

Whitesnake's do it better .........Only differently!

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