Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Infamous Midway Tavern

The Midway Tavern is my favourite pub. It is the place where many stories would unfold and a place where many long term friendships were built.

We arrive at 12 noon. The dining room doors are shut and there are a few patrons waiting patiently outside. Many of them look like they are ready for the knackers yard. it must be pension week or else there is a special on. we decide to head in through the front bar.

The place hasn't changed too much it is an inviting area especially for a front bar. I see the back of a barmaids head. It is Scottish Betty a long time employee and I mean a long time employee of the tavern. 2 beers and a Chardonnay ordered a trip to the wee house for some of use I strike up a conversation with Betty. her face gives away the fact that she knows me but just can not figure out just who or what I am. The penny finally drops and as is the way of the tavern old stories long wanted to be forgotten rise up and translated into today's language. Betty hasn't changed a bit. Still a smart ass barmaid and still controlling the front bar with an iron fist when she has too.

We bid farewell to the front bar and head through to the saloon/dining area. we park ourselves in the comfy lounge chairs and it is long before our friend Andrea and her friend Peter pop in. Andrea presents us with 2 bottles of wine the 1st (a wedding present) Grant Burge Cabernet 2008 the 2nd a Arlewood Cabernet Merlot 2005 which we are very thankful for.
It is but few minutes later Angela Geen (the Geens and the Boddeys moved into Egdecombe road about the same time) followed by my daughter Tarlee and her partner Bianca and then for the finale my sister Treza came through the doors.


A few drinks later and Andrea plays mum and books a table. We head to the table and check out the menu. The camera is passed around the table with the intention of each person takes 3 pictures Chicken schnitzel with Diane sauce for Tarlee and me, chili prawns for KB and assorted other meals for everyone else ranging from roast beef to barramundi.

After the meal it was back to the lounge area to have a few more drinks before heading home.
Before leaving the pub I did catch up with Geraldine an Irish barmaid who i say has been with this pub since it first opened. She remains as vibrant as ever and as sharp as a tack full of love and caring with all the memories to match.

KB and I farewell friends and family before heading back to our motel room.
We would like to thank my brother Isaac for being our chaffeur and my sister in-law for letting Isaac use her car for the day. Looking forward to a rest day on Saturday.

Take care and stay happy
Whitesnake n KB xx

To be continued HERE

Whitesnakes do it better ........ with chicken snitzel and diane sauce!
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