Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Final Day

Looking back, the time has flown. There was so much we were going to do but never did. Maybe next time.
The motel was just right for what we wanted and being so close to everything just made the whole experience even better. I have loved every minute here with KB, it has been fantastic.

Today we had a final catch up with Tarlee and Bianca. We took them out to lunch at the Jetty Hotel where Tarlee ordered chicken schnitzel and Diane sauce, KB ordered roast beef, I had a dozen oysters and Bianca shared Tarlees lunch. We had a few drinks and then went for a walk up Jetty Road before heading back to the motel where they bid us farewell.

KB and I had the rest of the afternoon to relax and pack.
Isaac and Kirsten came by bringing pizza with them for tea.
It was really nice to see them and enjoy the pizza,a few drinks and more than a few laughs.
All too soon they left.

KB and I are tired and looking forward to getting home. KB is especially looking forward to getting Coco home. I will miss those that have shared special moments with us.

It is time to go home. So I had better get to bed, I have a plane to catch!

Take care and stay happy.
Whitesnake n KB xxx

Whitesnakes do it better ............. when ya heading home!
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