Monday, April 22, 2013

BBQ and Beer

Isaac, Alex, Jerry and Me!

Well you do have to give credit where credit is due, Kirsten and Isaac sure know how to put on a BBQ spread even when the weather is wet, wild and windy. It was good to catch up with some more of the family and enjoy watching the footy and having a jam session with my brother.
All in all an excellent day!

Jennifer and KB

 Luke and KB
It was really great to catch up with Jerry, Susan, Sakeel, Winnie, Nana, Jennifer and boyfriend (forgot his name already) Luke, Blake, Alex, Becks, Denise, and any one else I have forgotten but another big special thank you to Isaac and of course Kirsten for everything. Loves yous all xxx

The nephews all grown up!

The woman who made the BBQ so special!

The girls Denise, Kirsten and KB

Girls just wanna have fun!
I'm gonna be a rock star!
What I want to know is how did Isaac get the Adelaide Crows to win a game so comfortably? It will remain one of life's mystery's I guess.

Take care and stay happy peeps
Whitesnake n KB

Tobe continued HERE
Whitesnakes do it better ..... when ya a rock star!
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